Are there really blogging experts?

You have heard me say there are no experts on Web 2.0 and to jump in and learn with the rest of us. Tom Lincoln challenged me on this point and introduced me to Michael Snell on Thursday. The meeting we had resulted in a spirited, wide-ranging discussion about effective blogging. Michael helps individuals and smaller businesses become more effective with their blogging efforts. Here are some key ideas from our discussion.


Blogging is a critical element in a modern effort to create a brand and make it visible and authentic. The market continues to fracture – break into smaller and smaller segments – with some very unique and specialized interests emerging. Michael gave me an example of a market for people who buy jewel and crystal encrusted skulls (http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2008/may/02/art). It’s not for me, but Web 2.0 makes it easier and effective to reach a specialized market. It’s a wide, wonderful world with infinite possibilities! Are you ready?


Your ability to create a compelling brand/promise/message and then making it visible to the market is critical for future success. Blogging is certainly one way to make it happen. Clearly identify the key words that define your brand and continue to blog around these words and concepts. The search spiders look for recency and key words when they return results to on-line searches. Restating a consistent message around critical words will make it easier for the spiders to find you.


In the past, you could control your message and the communication channels. These channels – traditional and Internet – were largely linear and one-way. The new Ecosphere turns these realities on their ear. Get comfortable with an asynchronous, uncontrolled, messy environment. People who are transparent, authentic, and adventurous will make the most of these changes.


Are there blogging experts? Maybe (probably?), but the question is largely irrelevant because the ecosphere involves many, many elements and no one has a firm handle on how they work and interact. It’s time to jump in and make your own discoveries!


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