Financial Crisis Drives the Sales Revolution

The current financial crisis is accelerating the sales revolution. All performance is under stress in this environment, as the news from Wall Street amplifies risks and opportunities at work in the marketplace. The depth of the turmoil has effectively eliminated any possibility of “muddling through” until a recovery takes hold. There will be definite winners and losers that emerge.

Sales performance will play a huge role in who wins and who loses. With cash flow and availability more critical than ever, the ability to sustain effective sales performance in the coming months can provide the winning edge in the marketplace. Relationships will be key, as clients and customers look for suppliers who can help them find a path through these times. Are you ready (and are you able) to align with, help, and calm your customers?

The Trusted Advisor role falls short in this new context. Easing pain is not the most effective strategy for growing relationships during uncertainty. Aligning goals and coordinating actions as a Co-Conspirator will build the deep trust and lasting relationships and benefits that will help organizations thrive during this time. Very few organizations are strong enough to succeed by themselves. Alignment with and support of their Co-Conspirators will make the difference between winning and losing.

Are you ready to be genuinely helpful and build success for your customers? Only then will you find the long-term success you want for yourself.


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