Strong Stances in Tough Times

We are facing challenging times in our economy.


My discussions have taken me across the Chicagoland economic landscape and people are looking assurance that things are going to get better soon. Unfortunately, optimists are hard to find. More typical is a speech I attended two weeks ago. A very smart investment manager laid out the case for the Dow going to 4,000 and severe corrections coming in many sectors of the economy. Now, most people aren’t that negative, but the many uncertainties we all face have created a general fear – a justified fear.


Difficult conditions make it value check time for all of us on the Abundance-Scarcity continuum. How do you approach the world? If it’s from a position of abundance, can you hold that position during times that generate fear and feelings of scarcity? If you can, you will benefit from these difficult times and a culture moving toward more transparency and authenticity.


People are looking for strong examples and leaders moving from a base of abundance. Most of us want to follow people who have an optimistic view of the future and willing to act on those beliefs. An abundance base creates that optimistic view which opens our minds to consider new opportunities. Change and stress always bring opportunities – most times in unexpected ways. We need to be ready for those opportunities, especially in these tough times.


Tough times also highlight and amplify actions. People who take strong stands, reach out to help people around them, and do the right thing are appreciated and remembered.


How do you want to be remembered?


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