Nanobots Ready to Take Over the World?

OK I get it.

Just about the time I get my mind comfortably around virtual employees and managing Millennials, the Wall Street Journal drops “nanobots” on me. The article describes a new, high-octane employee – difficult to manage and requiring entirely different leadership skills.

A nanobot is an entirely new type of employee. They’re old school in that they are success driven and willing to make tremendous sacrifices to reach their goals. They’re new wave in that they use technology to stay in touch and refuse to be managed. These are not your normal virtual workers. They are top 5% performers with an absolute passion to thrive and flourish and will not accept any barriers to that success.

Nanobots create tremendous results, but refused to be put into a mold. They abhor anything that smacks of bureaucracy and will not submit to standard operating procedures. They are experts in creating and maintaining the networks they need to succeed, but have little use for face time. All they want is the freedom and support necessary to reach their objectives – objectives that far outstrip any normal goals.

Are you ready for the nanobots? Can you modify your own biases enough to harness the power these performers generate? Are you ready to lead the people who fit the profile – keeping them on-track, but staying out of their way? Most importantly, are you ready to address the fairness issues raised by the rest of your team? If not, set the nanobot free.

If you are ready, brace yourself for extraordinary happenings. Goals smashed. Limits redefined. Tremendous energy released in pursuit of phenomenal results.

Nonobots…Millennials…what’s next?


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