New Year and New Promise!!

As we come to the end of the year, let’s try to look at the world through lenses of abundance. It’s an amazing time of opportunity.


It’s very surprising to me to see the number of people looking through a scarcity prism. They are frozen in place, paralyzed by fear over the present turmoil or confused by the many threats they see. In either case, they truly do not know what to do. Unfortunately, these are the majority of folks I meet these days.


Then there’s the group wearing the abundance glasses. These are the people who see the opportunity in these interesting times. They understand that their cash can buy 40%-60% more than it could even six months ago. They look at the talent markets and find people excited to join forward-looking organizations at wage levels below market rates. They see markets that are underserved and are positioning themselves for the future. When the economy rebounds (as it inevitably will), they will have leapfrogged their competition and set a new bar for performance and responsiveness.


It’s a GREAT time to innovate and make prudent investments! The opportunities abound, especially in mature markets with frozen competitors. It’s an opportunity to redefine markets, become closer to key customers, and deliver in a way that leaves the competition wondering what happened.


Let’s make it a terrific New Year, filled with hope and abundance!


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