Redemptive Powers of New Year’s Day

It’s been an interesting week for me. The holidays and their ups and downs, new shenanigans by our Governor out on bail, and numerous conversations with friends and acquaintances. The conversations have been particularly interesting.

Almost all of my conversations with people inside and outside of my immediate network have been incredibly negative. Even people who have personally had good years (yes, they’re out there), have been negative about conditions for everyone in the economy. The financial markets, layoffs, and general contraction have caused doubts in everyone’s mind. Negative has been the fashion in the fourth quarter.

It’s possible that the negative tone has been so strong that it may actually cause a rebound. The tone of conversations with other leaders changed during the past seven days. Most of the discussions started the same way, bemoaning the economic conditions, how difficult 2008 was, and how glad they are to be finished with the year.

Then the tone changes…

The conversation moves onto 2009 and how things will change – maybe not so much in the economy or conditions in general, but rather in the way individuals will be reacting to those conditions. Most are ready to try something new and find the opportunities available, rather than wait for things to turn around. They expect good things to happen in 2009, if for no other reason than 2008 was so tough. It’s a definite change – a welcome one.

It seems that New Years Day brings some redemptive qualities.


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