Riding the Stimulus Tsunami!!

It’s a small group as networking groups go. 

We don’t try to change the world. There’s no set agenda. It’s a tight group that meets every two weeks at an undisclosed, public location. The topics arise as they come to our minds, but we’re businesspeople, so most of them revolve around how we can create the best value and opportunities for our clients and customers. 

On Wednesday, the stimulus package was a huge part of our discussion. Not unlike many other conversations going on in the country, we talked about the pros and cons of $1 trillion flowing into the economy without much deep discussion or consideration. Our group struggles with these issues, trying to be fair to each other while holding strong individual beliefs. Nevertheless, the talk was direct and spirited. 

Out of this cacophony came the clear, measured voice of one of the most respected members of our growth. He told us that the stimulus package is done and to get over any feelings we have – positive or negative – about the legislation or how it was passed. He made the point that this is a once in a lifetime…or once in two or three lifetimes…and that great fortunes and losses will be made in the weeks and months to come. “Be ready!” he told us. 

The trillion-dollar stimulus package is creating a tsunami of liquidity and activity. The wave will carry you or drown you, depending on how you prepare in the coming weeks. It’s time to come out of “hunker down” mode, become as active as possible, and create visibility for ourselves in the marketplace. It’s also time for each of us to reach out to our neighbors and make sure that they are able to ride the wave with us. It’s going to be a wild ride and we will want company along the way! 

Are you ready to ride the wave?


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