a terrific new book!

The Insiders

By Craig Hickman

Craig Hickman is a veteran writer with more than a dozen business books behind him. He has written volumes on various issues, but this is his first venture into pure fiction…and what a venture!

The Insiders is a classic, spell-binding suspense thriller, wrapped in big money intrigue. It’s a story where it’s easy to root for good against evil – once one figures out who is on which side. Hickman develops his characters efficiently and effectively, making the reader care about every person met in the pages. The reader can feel their tensions and fears and drives as they make sense of complicated and dangerous situations.

Hickman also knows how to tell a story. He writes about business the way Tom Clancy wrote about submarines, with one major difference. The descriptions in The Insiders are efficient and concise. They deliver perfect pictures using precise words and never slow down the story. Those descriptions reinforce complicated plot twists, pulling readers from page to page, driving them deeper and deeper into the lives of the Fielders and the Tates.

This is a terrific novel, engaging both head and heart in a driving story. Only read this book if you want to be thoroughly entertained and have your imagination challenged.



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