The Perfect Fit!!

The fit between corporate culture and individual executives has always been an integral part of any organization’s success. Unfortunately, the ability to clearly and operationally define culture and the confusion of personality and culture have made it extremely difficult to

The Perfect Fit?

The Perfect Fit?

 match individual executives’ talents with cultural requirements.

A new article on the Launchpad Partners’ website addresses these difficulties by providing a seven element model for defining culture and using that model to describe four unique and stable cultures for companies in various combinations of size and ownership. We contend that these cultures remain stable, but that companies may move through various cultures at various times, depending on growth and who owns the enterprise.

We also contend that most executives are relatively limited in their ability to move between cultures – most can only handle one or two – and that creates the opportunity for a misalignment. The misalignment can occur during the hiring process and when the organization moves into a new culture. Alignment during the hiring process is fairly well understood and documented, but moving into a new culture causes a more insidious issue that is more difficult to identify and address.

Our paper provides a way to define corporate culture and more concretely make assessments of how individual leaders fit that culture. Aligning these factors represents a critical element in leading effective change in organizations. Hopefully, our ideas will spark some great discussion on the topic of fit.

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