The Value Base of a Change Catalyst

It’s Value Week on the Blogs!

First the Vallon blog outlined the value that our company provides to our clients. We provide high-octane talent for interim assignments. We are the best at helping companies because:

  1. Vallon LogoWe are focused on the Twin Cities and know the talent pool.
  2. We are fast – providing talent within 48 hours.
  3. We are C-level business people, with more than 80 years of experience between us.

Our clients know that they can depend on us to provide the muscle and skill necessary to tackle any challenge that they face!

That’s Vallon! For me the challenge is similar, but different.

It’s crucial to be able to make the most of the new, emerging economy. Change will be the watchword – especially in the labor market. The relationship between people and their jobs will remain in flux as we individually assume the entire responsibility for our career paths. Moving to Vallon put me in position to both take advantage of these changes and help people and organizations make the most of this transition. My past provides the perspective necessary to put the future in place.

Clearing the ObstacleI know how to take advantage of these changes and help other people overcome their personal obstacles because I have “been there, done that” during my 25 year career as a Change Catalyst. Three qualities provide the strength necessary to make great things happen during these times. First, a resiliency built from numerous do-or-die situations in companies across a variety of industries. Second, the ability to use change to my advantage. Third, understanding that there is strength in tradition and using those traditions wisely to forge a solid future. These three, taken together, form the backbone of the Change Catalyst brand.

BloomResiliency. Turnarounds are the ultimate do-or-die business situations. Usually, the company faces multiple challenges and its very life depends on taking the correct action. Leaders in these situations must act quickly, decisively, and collectively in order to bring the team through the crisis. They must steady the entire organization in turbulent times. Facing adversity – especially across several industries – builds a resiliency that provides stability in difficult situations.

Using Change. Change is always comfortable – as long as it’s someone else doing the changing. I know how to engage people in change efforts and lead them through difficult passages. Theory turns into action and I continue to be a student of change and innovation. These are the two most critical issues facing us in the coming years. It’s vital that we all understand how to make the most of these factors.

The West Point Tradition. The Harvard Business School is known as the West Point of Capitalism. There’s nothing more traditional in the business world than that education, except maybe the old-line industries that made our country great. I’ve been in both worlds: studying in Boston and “growing up” in basic manufacturing operations. This experience provides a strong foundation. I understand how to use traditional business frameworks to build strong and flexible systems. Control systems become inspection points, and traditional structures enable coordination and communication. Traditional approaches bring unique strength to difficult situations.

These strengths make it possible for me to help our clients and candidates work through their most difficult issues as a business partner. The work I’ve done to reconcile my traditional base with the change and innovation going on in the economy puts me in position to understand difficult situations. That understanding enables me to make great matches between our clients and the talent they need to make great things happen!


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