Are You Stuck in a Crowd or Part of a Community?

Dan PinkThere’s a terrific interview with Daniel Pink out on the Harvard Business Review website (to listen, click here). In it, Pink defines a striking difference between crowd and community. He made the point that when we’re in crowds, it feels like a mob. People push and shove, each trying to get ahead and beat the others out. On the other hand, when we’re in a community, people look you in the eye and smile. The community goes to great lengths to bring everyone along and no one is left behind.

Community is becoming much more important in this world. The flood of information coming at us makes it important that we have other people who can help us sort through it. There is more competition and we need allies to overcome it. Change is accelerating and a tight community helps us stay on top of our games.

CommunityCommunity plays an important role in our personal success. It’s critical that we are each creating our own distinct value in the marketplace. Part of that means staying current with the critical trends in the marketplace and our profession. Communities make it easier to create that value and remain competitive. And when the inevitable transition time comes, the community helps us find our new role.

Companies also need strong communities. Internally, a strong community makes the most of limited resources and also provides the connections that create stability, efficiency, and creativity. Externally, strong communities are even more critical. The old ability to control branding and customers is gone, replaced by free-flowing, on-line communities that instantaneously transmit information – good or bad! Strong external company communities make it possible to mold stronger brands and more loyal customers than ever before.

With so much at stake, what have you done for your community today?


1 Response to “Are You Stuck in a Crowd or Part of a Community?”

  1. 1 Dave Perry
    March 11, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    Great article. Hope things are going well for you in the Twin Cities.
    Dave Perry

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