Change Needs Resilience

Resilience may be our most important quality. We live in interesting times and the demands of these times require changing responses and the ability to recover from repeated setbacks. The most flexible and resilient among us will be in the best position to take advantage of the opportunities these changing times present.

Our pressures are coming from multiple sources. Economic issues have made it difficult to protect and grow our assets. Advances in technology have eliminated many traditional sources of strength and security. These issues are also magnifying social pressures, creating gulfs between people in terms of wealth, philosophy and values, and emotional connections.

These pressures also create opportunities to improve the world as we build new systems to replace the old ones. Breaks in traditional connections and approaches open the doors for creative solutions to help people make their lives better. Look around. More than ever people are willing to share in order to help those in need. At the end of the day, it’s not governments, companies, or charity organizations that change the everyday world: It’s individuals working together every day to solve real problems.

Central to all this is resilience. It is much more likely that all of us will need to recover repeatedly from setbacks. Job tenures are shrinking. Financial and political structures are unsettled. Circumstances are changing as fast as we can adapt. Resilience used to be something that we respected and admired in other people. Now, it’s a survival skill all of us must master.

The childhood saying “if at first you don’t succeed…” should now end “…try and try and try and try again!” The ability to get up after being knocked down time and again is a key survival skill. Are you ready to get back up…again?

Oh…and while you’re getting up, look around and offer a hand to someone who’s getting up with you!


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