Inflection Points

Capsule LogoThe gang at Capsule sponsored a gathering on Thursday. They brought together eight diverse people for a great discussion. Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED video on experiencing her own stroke served as a as background for our discussion on people who changed our lives.

Storytelling SignThe stories were diverse. Some were expected and some surprised us all. One was about how a mom saved her son from a bad crowd by sending him off to college. Another was about a musician joining the drum and bugle corps, embracing the passion and meeting his wife. A third was a woman as part of a choir, singing behind the Iron Curtain, and the emotions they drew out of the audience with their music. It was a candid, emotional discussion.

The conversation got me thinking about the many inflection points in my life. As a preacher’s kid, I learned how to push boundaries and often found myself in difficult situations. I welcomed trouble and liked the attention that trouble brought. Frequently, only a small margin separated me from disaster.

Caution SignDuring the most dangerous and tumultuous times, amazing people stepped forward to put me back on track. The Nuns in high school who kept me from flunking out. A junior professor who took the time to help me get into Harvard.  Business mentors who let me try new things and run operations that stretched my capabilities. Finally, parents who lived and enforced their values and expectations.  All of them stepped up for no other reason than to help.

All of these memories caused me to reflect on how I’m making a difference and giving back. Am I helping the people around me? Do I invest enough time mentoring and teaching? How am I setting an example by living my values? The reflection is causing changes in my life in order to have a better impact on the people in my life.

Let’s see where this leads!


1 Response to “Inflection Points”

  1. July 1, 2010 at 10:47 am

    Concise piece. Especially poignant and timely for me, personally!

    Much appreciated



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