Open for Change?

Change in the airMany of us are working on change. Every day we are working on new ideas, and using those ideas to make progress on difficult issues. We pride ourselves on being able to synthesize a tremendous amount of data and helping individuals and organizations develop new approaches.

But are we truly open to change?

We are naturally limited in many ways. Our pasts and perceptions create filters that help us deal with everyday life, but may mask opportunities. Our focus can exclude ideas and solutions from other fields. Finally, our definition of reality may limit our ability to consider more radical approaches. We need to be open to so much more.

Anne PryorThat became very obvious after breakfast with my friend, Anne Pryor last week. Anne is a true agent of change and is able to do much more than most of us. Like most of us she has great skills in both networking and business. Unlike most of us, Anne does a terrific job tapping into the various energy sources available to each one of us.

Anne reinforced the need to be open to the spiritual part of life and to be aware of the connections between all of life. There are many different spiritual traditions in the world – some mainstream, but most beyond our usual way of thinking. These traditions each try to make sense of life’s cosmic aspects. Our ability to take the best of each of these traditions can give us the strength and perspective to face change and overcome any obstacle.

Tapping into the spiritual aspects of life opens incredible new possibilities. Are you ready to make real change by embracing the spiritual aspects of life?


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