The Energy for Change!

Female EnergyChange requires a disciplined approach, great skills, and flawless execution. It also requires a tremendous amount of positive energy. It’s very easy to have all the pieces in place for success, but forget to charge up for the challenge.

Change efforts usually concentrate on the tangible steps. Most change efforts fail before they even start because the planning fails to take into account all the elements involved in the process. The process has an exact formula – straight-forward, but with specific steps. If any one of those steps is missing, the effort fails.

Even if the plan is perfect, execution is still critical. Maintaining focus and coordinating activities takes all the leadership talent available.

Volcano BlastIt also takes great energy!

Change situations are usually teaming with negative energy. Fear, apprehension, confusion, and a general atmosphere of isolation and self-preservation can make difficult situations even worse. The change leader’s responsibility is to counteract these forces and build a positive environment.

Great leaders overpower fear with positive energy. They build a confident, fun, caring environment by infusing the situation with a tremendous amount of positive, personal energy. Personally engaged, these leaders make a huge difference; but how do they build that energy?

Clean EnergyA friend of mine reminded me that energy attracts like energy. Many people go through life, followed by a grey cloud. They fret and worry about every mishap that could possibly happen. If something can go wrong, they can recite chapter and verse on how it will happen. These are not the people who successfully lead change efforts.

The people who lead change efforts know how to create positive energy. They understand the principle of energy attracting like energy. They are positive, optimistic people who use their talents to expand that energy and attract people with the same ability to magnify that positive energy.

Positive, creative, expansive energy makes the difference between success and failure. Be the person who attracts the energy that makes that difference!


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