Trusting Your Titleist and Making Change Happen!

It’s not one of my favorite commercials (click here to watch). It reminds me of how difficult a game golf really is. It shows multiple professionals walking through their preparation for the day, determined to make the best of their coming round. After all the preparation, they take an easy swing and “trust their Titleist.”

It reminded me of the difficulty in making change happen. It’s the most difficult leadership challenge, involving a plethora of factors and conditions. People, equipment, product, markets, regulations – it’s an endless list of factors that must be considered in any change situation. Navigating the complication is key — and none too simple!

There’s a great new book coming out that explores all of the challenges change presents. Bob Lewis’ Bare Bones Change Management: What you shouldn’t not do cuts through the complication and outlines a solid approach to change situations. Bob knows how to organize the many critical factors involved with making change happen and clarifies the situation without oversimplifying. It’s a great structure for going through the intense preparation process needed to make effective change.

Effective change requires the same preparation as golf: Understanding the key factors, visualizing success, and rehearsing important actions. Finally, it comes down to taking your best shot…

…and trusting your Titleist!


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