Let Go of the Crank!

Slow Down SignChange often requires quick, decisive action. There are also times when effective change calls for a pause:

  • Time for followers to catch up.
  • Time to secure gains.
  • Time to align the right moves.
  • The best change leaders know when to push forward…and when to pause.

    Stuffed Animal GameDeacon Tom emphasized the point last Sunday. He talked about his trip to the State Fair and watching his niece play in the band marching in one of the parades they have periodically throughout the grounds. He also saw one of those games where you win the little stuffed animals. You know the game: glass on three sides, the claw above, and the cranks on the front you use to pick up the animals and drop them into “exit chute” and out to your waiting hands.

    I don’t know about you, but those machines frustrated the heck out of me! I would crank hard and long; again and again and again, trying to win the prize. Sometimes it would result in success. Most time it would just drive me crazy!

    The good Deacon had some great advice for us: Let go of the crank! We all need time to rest and recharge – time for thinking and for reordering our actions. It’s also time that God can use to work Her will and align the world to Her wishes.

    Believer or not, our rushing around can get in the way of our success. We drive and drive and drive ourselves. We try to create results through brute force. That toy must make it into the slot – no matter what! Change becomes a struggle and slows to a crawl.

    When you feel that happen, try something new. Relax! Let go of the crank! Give change some time to catch up!


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