Walk in the Light!!

These difficult times can seem very dark indeed. It’s critical that we walk in the light and stay optimistic about our ability to improve ourselves and make an impact on those around us.

It’s a natural tendency in these difficult times to hide in the dark and hunker down. We tend to take fewer chances and not put ourselves at risk in any way. It’s easy to see the world as a dangerous and troublesome place. We are constantly reminded how bad we are and what we don’t have. It’s easy to see the bad and the danger in our lives and it can freeze us.

We don’t have to live that way. We are children of the light: created to live in the life, both physically and spiritually. Living in the light sets up a different equation. It takes more energy to live in the light, but it also creates more energy and provides more opportunities. It takes more effort to find the positives in situations and create new habits around those positives. Walking in the light causes us to engage with life in general, changing us in the process.

The benefits are tremendous. Walking in the light aligns us with the people with the live hearts, bright eyes, and helping hands. Finding the positive in situations makes us positive people. This alignment and positive orientation puts us in position to create new approaches and transform difficult situations.

Walking in the light impacts the people in our lives. We ease the burden of those around us by sharing a smile or a supportive word. You can change people’s lives, just by letting them know you care. The light also changes us. We learn how to make good things happen, rather than avoiding the bad. New insights put us in position to work on ourselves first, making positive changes in our own lives, rather than looking for others to change for us. These changes cause us to be more curious, more tolerant, and more impatiently patient. The light changes lives.

Try it for yourself! Here are some easy starter steps:

  • Smile! Often and for no reason give yourself permission to smile as hard as you can.
  • Ask Dad’s question. Irksome people can drag us into the dark very quickly. When my Dad encounters those people he asks, “I wonder what God has him up to today?” It’s a good question.
  • “Engage. Engage. Engage.” Deacon Tom exhorted as I left church. He’s right. The more we engage, the better we find the world to be.
  • Be thankful. We experience blessings every day in many different ways. Take time to find those blessings and be thankful for them.

Walking in the light can change your life. Allow yourself to change.


2 Responses to “Walk in the Light!!”

  1. September 27, 2010 at 8:52 am

    Always a pleasure to read your posts. This morning, I got off to a rocky start when our server went down at 7 AM, and I had built a staggerring to-do list.

    Your words of inspiration— and your dad’s quote— brought me to a much better place.

    Many thanks for being my Change for the Better this morning:-) What else could I expect from a Buckley!

  2. September 27, 2010 at 9:40 am


    Thanks for making my morning!

    Have a TERRIFIC week!


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