Are You Ready for a Surprise?

Good Surprise?

Surprises are a part of life. Unfortunately, many of those surprises can be negative. The flat tire, unexpected expenses, or health setbacks can all throw speed bumps into our lives.  

Positive surprises are rarer. They just don’t seem to happen as often.  

Last weekend was one of those for me. You know I’m a Gopher fan and last weekend I followed the football team to Champaign. It was going to be a fun experience, travelling to a new stadium with fellow Gophers. We went for the experience. After all, it was a bit unrealistic to expect a 1-8 team to win as a 21-point underdog. 

Of course, the unexpected happened:

  • Played great in the first half and had a 10 point lead at halftime
  • Started the second half with a disaster – two touchdowns scored without running an offensive play – trailing by 10 with eight minutes to play
  • A long kick-off return – only three down.
  • Defense holds – three and out
  • One last-gasp drive starts on our own 20 – ends with the winning touchdown scoring with 16 seconds left

It was a great trip home. All of us savored an unexpected win on the road, and being with each other to enjoy it. 

The trip got me to thinking. Are we really ready for those positive surprises? Most business systems are set up to address or prevent negative surprises. Our society does the same thing – making rules and taking action based on negative surprises. We set ourselves up to see and expect (create?) those situations. 

Every once in awhile, we encounter a positive surprise. They often knock us off-balance or cause us to regroup in strange ways. Sometimes we don’t even see these events because we’re so focused on the negative. It’s time for us to expect more of the positive in our lives, put ourselves in position to take advantage of those situations, and make the most of those situations. 

Are you ready for that positive surprise?



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