Happy Thanksgiving!!

The smell of stuffing is beginning to form. The sting of raw onions is being replaced by frying sausage and poultry seasoning. In a few hours, we’ll be sitting down to Thanksgiving Dinner on a perfect winter day here in Minneapolis. 

The usual rules apply: Watch football all day; Eat too much; and take some time to give thanks for all the blessings in your life. I’m sure you have a similar routine – well practiced and developed over many years. Follow the plan! Execute the routine! 

Then try something different…

 Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I heard from over a dozen friends – all sharing wishes for a great Turkey Day. It made a HUGE impact on me! Each call put a smile on my face and each email made the day a little brighter! It was great fun and caused me to make a few calls of my own. 

Here’s my challenge to you. Think of two or three people in your life who made a difference for you in the past year. Pick up the phone or turn on the computer and reach out. Find someone who’s not expecting to hear from you and make their day! Tell them how thankful you are that they are around.

 Make it a Happy Thanksgiving!


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