How WikiLeaks Will Change Your World!

 It was an interesting week as WikiLeaks continued to publish a steady stream of new documents and tidbits from their massive download of classified files. The reactions have covered the entire spectrum from “How dare they compromise national security” to “These are agents of change for an electronic society.” All of the points and counterpoints are very interesting. Still, I’m not hearing the right discussion. 

The leaks continued last week, unabated and uncensorable, as clone sites made sure any published information remained available on the Internet. “Old White Men” reacted in traditional, predictable, and outdated ways: attempting to shut down the site, cutting funding sources, and threatening legal action. 

All of this was largely ineffectual as unintended and unanticipated reactions cropped up. Other sites published the material. Hackers disrupted sites that opposed WikiLeaks. Other unknown cyber attacks were threatened as non-traditional sources of opposition arose. The technology and escalating consequences made it difficult and unlikely that any traditional reactions would slow WikiLeaks or their supporters in any substantial way. 

It’s been fascinating to watch the furor and discussion around the leaks. Everyone is much too focused on the leaks themselves. The perpetrators have been painted as traitors and criminals for what they have done. Very little of the discussion has been around the unprofessional actions and comments of our diplomats. That should be the real discussion. 

The extension of this discussion is what it means to your organization and how it can change your world. Your company is not likely to suffer the massive data loss from one source involved in the WikiLeaks episode. It’s more likely to be a slow drip of data from multiple places throughout the organization. It will happen and probably already is. The  Internet and social media platforms make it possible to discover almost anything. your organization should be discussing how outsiders view your organization and whether that’s the message you want delivered.

It’s imperative to engage in this new discussion. You have the ability to change the tone of the discussion and innoculate your company against future negative discussions. Have candid discussions in the open about your operations. There is plenty of data available. Find it and use it to improve your situation. Engage in constructive discussions.  


Can you engage in these discussions and make transparency and authenticity a way of life? These qualities are essential in the new economy with the free flow of information that is available to anyone with a PC or a smart phone.


Are you ready to learn from WikiLeaks?




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