Finding Your Mojo!

I heard a great talk this week by Marshall Goldsmith. He joined the Reach Branding call to discuss his new book Mojo. The book outlines the belief that we create our own lives by harnessing our personal mojo to build a happy and successful life. 

Goldsmith defines mojo as a positive spirit about what you are doing that starts on the inside and radiates to the outside. This spirit enables you to create the life you want to lead by driving us toward a satisfying life. 

Have you ever climbed on an airplane with a grouchy, unfriendly flight attendant? One that argues with customers, slams doors, and generally makes a three-hour flight feel like a death march. Who’s the victim of this situation? The airline? Probably not, because most passengers make their decisions based on convenience or frequent flier programs. The passengers? Again no, it may be a long three hours, but then they move onto their own lives. The one who is truly the victim is the flight attendant. We’re free after the flight, he or she must live with themselves. 

Satisfaction comes from the ability to succeed in building a life that includes both fun and meaning. Successful people usually find these things for themselves. Research shows that people who find meaning and fun at work, also find meaning and fun in their home lives. Both fun and meaning together are necessary to create happiness.  

Happy people find ways to plug into their mojo and create positive situations. They understand the four components of mojo:

  •          Identity – How we define ourselves
  •          Achievement – What we accomplish
  •          Recognition – Knowing yourself and having a firm grip on what’s true and what’s not.
  •          Acceptance – Being at peace with the things that you cannot affect.

Making all of these things work for you often makes the difference between success and failure. 

Often we fail to engage our full mojo because we listen to unfounded stereotypes about ourselves. You may are probably limiting yourself when you believe “I’m not good at that.” If we believe, we can change almost anything outside of physical limitations. Happy people take charge of themselves. If they can’t get out of something, they get into it! 

The human default position is not to move towards happiness or success. Our natural state is one of inertia. We don’t look to change and require conscious action to improve. Goldsmith uses a daily questioning process to move himself forward. Every day he asks a series of personal questions he created to quickly monitor how he’s moving toward his goals. These create simple, regular reminders to move forward. These questions put him in position to change or quit asking the questions.  

Goldsmith’s perspective gives us a way to hook into our mojo. It puts us in position to always be improving and always be a positive factor in the lives around us.




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