The Heck with Resolutions! Let’s Make Commitments!

Happy New Year! 

It’s a time for fresh starts. Traditionally, many of us make resolutions to improve ourselves or our situations. The top resolutions are more exercise, losing weight, and getting finances in order. The start of a New Year is a natural time to start these improvement efforts. 

Unfortunately, most resolutions fail within the first thirty days. It’s understandable. Most new habits take 30 days to establish and most of our goals are too big to accomplish within that time. Inertia is difficult to overcome and big goals make it more difficult to change. 

This year, let’s take a different tack. Let’s keep our BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), but slice them into smaller pieces. Let’s commit to take a 15 minute walk each day, instead of losing 50 pounds. Let’s commit to saving $20 a month, rather than paying off all our bills. Smaller slices can make those BHAGs more reachable. 

Those commitments will make a difference. Those little commitments add up. Change comes through people being consistent and persistent and those smaller pieces allow us to break inertia and make clear progress toward our larger goals. That progress reinforces our commitment and makes it easier to move ahead.  

Slice your BHAGs for the year into smaller commitments. Improve your change efforts and watch your success grow! 

Have a Happy New Year!




2 Responses to “The Heck with Resolutions! Let’s Make Commitments!”

  1. 1 tamaralynne
    January 3, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    I think you’ve got the right strategy here-I decided that instead of setting restrictions such as, I won’t……., I will visualize success, and commit to doing things that are good for me, after all, shouldn’t we be #1 on our best friend list?

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