Balcony Person or Basement Dweller?

Two weeks ago we talked about Balcony People – those people who are raving fans. They always find a way to support you and you always find them in your corner. Balcony People are there in the balcony of your life, cheering madly, and finding any possible way to make your life better. 

Let’s flip the proposition around: Whose balcony are you in? Who do you admire in your life? Is there someone you respect for what they do? Do you appreciate the difference someone makes in the world? Maybe it’s just someone who could use your support. If so, then it’s time to climb in their balcony. 

Are you one of their Balcony People or are you a Basement Dweller? Balcony People support you where you are. Basement Dwellers are generally looking to make a change for you and are ready with some “helpful” advice to improve your situation. Which role do you fill? 

Basement Dwellers aren’t necessarily bad people. Most of them genuinely want to help. Unfortunately, most of the time they act as energy drains, offering unsolicited advice and letting you know exactly what’s wrong with your situation. They reinforce and underline the bad things in our lives. 

On the other hand, Balcony People reinforce and amplify all the good things that you are. They are great listeners and usually hear what isn’t said. Balcony People always provide exactly what you need – sometimes even things you don’t know you need! They are always cheering, supporting, and lifting you up. Their actions provide that extra energy you need and seem to fire them up as well. 

What’s your choice? Are you a supportive Balcony Person or a helpful Basement Dweller? If you are a Balcony Person, whose balconies are you in?  

Make sure those people know you are there. Go out of your way to visit, make a call, or send an email. You will make a difference. I found that out when at lunch with one of my friends – a powerful man with many resources at his disposal – told me how my (unknowingly) well-timed email helped him get through a very tough time. Don’t be silent! Your job is to cheer wildly from the balconies of those people you support. 

Balcony or Basement, it’s your choice. Are you ready to make a difference, or do you want to stay on the sidelines?





3 Responses to “Balcony Person or Basement Dweller?”

  1. January 10, 2011 at 7:16 am

    Just yesterday, I had a chance to choose… and, balcony it was. The picture of cheering vs. darkening is a profound one, and, a great one to carry forward.

  2. 3 Terri Abbott
    January 22, 2011 at 11:35 am

    Buckley, I applaud you. I am a huge fan and will always support you. You always take the high road no matter the situation and try to find the good that can come if you just look hard enough. I consider you one of the greatest mentors in my life and I know that I am a better person for knowing you.

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