My passion as a Change Catalyst lies in bringing out the best in organizations by creating strong teams with a laser focus on customers and results. My leadership focuses on bringing out the best in people from the front lines to the board room and aligning those abilities with the challenges in the marketplace. I am a true generalist with hands-on experience in Sales and Marketing, Operations, Customer Service, Accounting, and Executive Leadership.

When I enter an organization, sales grow, costs fall, profits increase, market position improves, and the tactical and strategic direction of the company improves. Here are more specifics on my skill set:

  • 26 years of Turnaround and Change Management experience. Winner of 2006 “Turnaround of the Year” award from the Turnaround Management Association.
  • Functional integration ability based on varied management experience in corporate, accounting, sales and marketing, operations, labor relations, and planning roles.
  • Management approach based on strong, aligned teams – the ability to pull diverse personalities and functions together and align them on with the organization’s objectives.
  • Operations (line and administrative) improvements applying Lean Six Sigma principles. Results include cycle time reductions of up to 97%.
  • Demonstrated ability to quickly analyze company position. Structured approach allowed comprehensive evaluations to be completed quickly and comprehensively.
  • Demonstrated ability to transfer skills across industries. Successful assignments in retail, printing, paper manufacturing, paper packaging, book production, multimedia packaging, medical devices, contract manufacturing, musical instruments, and service operations. These assignments involved public and private businesses, union and non-union environments, and companies from $3 to $600 million.
  • Real market value created for clients:
    • Medical device company sold for over $300 million following a successful emergence from receivership.
    • Contract manufacturing firm eliminates cash crisis and improves stock price from 90¢ to $4.42.
    • Custom products operation sold for $7 million following successful turnaround.



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